# Product Introductions

# Smart Chains & Antara

Komodo's Smart Chain technology allows you to create secure and fully autonomous blockchains that are designed for a specific purpose.

# Smart Chains Rely on the Next Step in Blockchain Evolution: The Antara Framework

The Antara framework allows you to customize your Smart Chain and add arbitrary code to the consensus mechanism.

This blockchain evolution allows innovators to better meet the demands of your customers.

# Comparing a Smart Chain to a Smart-Contract Platform

Layer Branded Terminology Universally Defined As: Smart-Contract Comparison
Application Layer Antara Apps Smart-Chain Apps dApps
API Layer Antara API Smart-Chain API -
Service Layer Antara Module Smart-Chain Module Smart Contract
Blockchain Layer Antara Smart Chains Smart Chains (Shared Chain)
Platform Layer Komodo Platform Smart-Chain Platform Smart-Contract Platform

# Smart Chains and Antara Create a Convenient Development Workflow

For developers, the unique combination of Smart Chain technology and Antara simplifies the adoption of blockchain technology.

  • Start by creating a new Smart Chain that will serve your specific application
  • Use the library of existing Antara modules to craft application-specific functionality
  • Optionally, use Antara to add arbitrary code to your consensus mechanism
  • When your Smart Chain becomes popular, scale into a cluster of Smart Chains
  • Link your Smart Chain to other Smart Chains using Antara and Komodo technology
  • Trade your assets with essentially any blockchain token using the Komodo DeFi Framework
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest industry innovations through no-cost updates

Read an in-depth discussion on the advantages of the Antara Framework here.

# The Architecture of Antara-Powered Smart Chains

# Antara API

Produced by Antara Modules

  • Open API
  • Permissionless Innovation
  • Language Agnostic

# Antara Modules

Attached to the chain daemon.

  • Pluggable Modules
  • Growing Module Library
  • Build Your Own

# Antara Smart Chains

Purpose-built blockchains

  • Autonomous & Sovereign
  • Customizable Parameters
  • Atomic Swap Compatible

# Komodo Platform

Composable & Open

  • Connect to the Bitcoin Hash Rate
  • Composable Architecture
  • Open-Source Innovation

# Advantages of the Antara Framework

# Programmable Daemon

Arbitrary code is added directly into the blockchain daemon. This stands apart from the traditional smart-contract platforms, which abstract a smart contract on top of a virtual machine.

# Modular Design

Smart Chains are composed of independent and autonomous modules that are decoupled from the underlying blockchain consensus mechanism.

# Autonomous & Sovereign

Smart Chains are not child chains, nor are they dependent on other blockchains.

# Turing-Complete

The Antara framework supports C/C++, and in the future it will also support other languages. Therefore, Antara allows for Turing-complete code. With Antara, any program or software can be coded to run within your blockchain daemon.

# No Gas Fees

There are no gas fees with Antara. Regardless of how many processes an Antara module requires, running an instance of the module will only need a single transaction fee, paid in your blockchain’s coin.

# Antara Module Library

The Antara framework already hosts a library of plug-and-play modules. Each module can add special conditions that affect the nature of transaction consensus on your Smart Chain.

# Create Your Own Modules

Experienced developers can write custom modules, creating the building blocks and RPC calls they need to build more advanced blockchain-based software.

Learn more about Smart Chains here.

# Komodo DeFi Framework

Komodo provides open-source atomic-swap software for trading seamlessly between essentially any blockchain asset in existence.

# Enjoy All the Benefits of the Old System, and of the New

Everything that was possible in the old centralized-exchange system is also possible in the new atomic-swap system.

High-speed trading is easy, the DEX API allows you to create atomic-swap powered apps and trading bots, and you can even trade on your mobile phone.

Our DEX software is not bound to Komodo-based blockchain assets. If a blockchain asset can trade on a centralized exchange, odds are you can atomically swap this asset on our DEX software.

# Skip the Centralized Middleman and Trade Directly with Your Trading Partner

In an atomic swap, there is no need to lend your money to a third party for temporary holding. This keeps security in the hands of the user, reduces the cost of fees, and prevents the users from coalescing their funds into a large target for hackers.

# Keep Your Private Keys Private, At All Times

Unlike a centralized exchange, users maintain ownership over their blockchain assets at all times, right up until the moment when their assets are atomically swapped.

# Join the Crowd, or Start a New One

Users create their own liquidity pools for trading between assets. You can use a pool that is already established, or start your own pool.

# No Off-Chain Settlements Required

The Komodo software uses atomic-swap technology, pioneered by Tier Nolan and our very own JL777, to ensure that a trade either happens, or it doesn't. If a trade stalls or fails halfway through the process, blockchain software ensures that these funds automatically reappear in the users' wallets.

# Integrate Your Smart-Chain Asset with Our Software

Integration requires only a few simple steps, and once up and running, you are free to trade your new blockchain-based asset with whomever you decide.

You are free to discover your own audience.

Read an in-depth discussion about the Komodo DeFi Framework here.