# Introduction to AtomicDEX

Welcome to the AtomicDEX technical documentation.

# About the AtomicDEX Section

This documentation is intended for developers utilizing the AtomicDEX API.

Users who are not interested in development-related activities, but are searching for documentation assistance, can find support in the Komodo Support Center.

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# Conceptual Overview

A brief conceptual overview of AtomicDEX can be found in the Start Here > Product Introductions > AtomicDEX section.

Link to "AtomicDEX" Introduction (opens new window)

The AtomicDEX Tutorials section contains a more thorough conceptual explanation of AtomicDEX.

Please consult our Learning Path Outlines (opens new window) section for more details on approaches to learning AtomicDEX from both a conceptual and technical perspective.

# About AtomicDEX Setup

The AtomicDEX Setup section contains basic information about setting up and using an AtomicDEX-enabled environment.

# About AtomicDEX Tutorials

The AtomicDEX Tutorials section contains various tutorials that provide instruction for AtomicDEX usage and creation.

For a walkthrough covering multiple tutorials in a targeted fashion, please see the Learning Launchpad (opens new window) section.

# About AtomicDEX API

The AtomicDEX API section contains all available API commands.

These API commands can also be called Remote Procedure Calls, or RPCs.