# ban_pubkey

ban_pubkey pubkey reason

The ban_pubkey method bans the selected pubkey ignoring its order matching messages and preventing its orders from displaying in the orderbook.


Use the secp256k1 pubkey without prefix for this method input. E.g. if pubkey is 022cd3021a2197361fb70b862c412bc8e44cff6951fa1de45ceabfdd9b4c520420 you should submit 2cd3021a2197361fb70b862c412bc8e44cff6951fa1de45ceabfdd9b4c520420.

# Arguments

Structure Type Description
pubkey string the pubkey to ban
reason string the reason of banning

# Response

Structure Type Description
result string whether the ban was successful

# 📌 Examples

# Command

curl --url "" --data "{
  \"userpass\": \"$userpass\",
  \"method\": \"ban_pubkey\",
  \"pubkey\": \"2cd3021a2197361fb70b862c412bc8e44cff6951fa1de45ceabfdd9b4c520420\",
  \"reason\": \"test\"